Finish eating the soup with the Rock, then ask him if the other members of his tribe are around and could be of any help.

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Thank you, The Rock. Can any of your fellow tribesmen help us?” You take a big gulp of soup as The Rock begins to respond.

I don’t think they would be very perceptive to that idea. I was exiled from the rest of my tribe for… Well, that’s not important right now. What is important is stopping Cena.The Rock gulps down the rest of his soup then walks to the other side of the room to a very plain-looking trunk. He grabs a satchel off the top of the trunk and swings it over his shoulder. He then pulls two very old pistols from the trunk and hands you one. “You’ll need this. Let’s go.

You step out of the cabin. The sun has set and the forest is almost entirely dark, aside from the full moon’s light shining through the forest canopy. The Rock grabs an oil lantern from the cabin doorstep. “We need to go east.” You and The Rock hike through the night to get out of the forest.

After what seems like hours, you finally get out of the forest and are welcomed by vast hilly plains. In front of you, there is a road heading north to south and a circle of logs set up next to a campfire. The Rock lights the campfire with his torch, sits down, pulls a pot out of his backpack and starts brewing some coffee over the fire. You sit across from him at the fire. “Macho Man told me that he would meet me here and tell me about the rest of my mission.” “Then I suppose we have to wait.

The sun should be rising soon. You are curious as to why your traveling companion was exiled, but you have the feeling that he doesn’t want to talk about it. What will you do while you wait?

> Ask the Rock what the actual connection between him, Macho Man, and John Cena is, and if any other wrestlers are part of this puzzle.

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