Approach the source of the music with caution.

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While you recognize the potential danger of these mysterious sounds and smells, you feel an almost hypnotic compulsion to follow the music. Treading cautiously, you begin leading your crew towards the woods in the direction of the sound. Evidently they must be transfixed by the distant music too, as they continue to follow without complaint.

You walk for several minutes, straddling the edge of the Hollow Wood, and as you move forward the music continues to grow louder and the smells become more intense. As the volume of the music grows you feel even more compelled to follow it, and in the back of your mind you swear you’ve heard this hypnotic melody before. The smell is also becoming overwhelming, as if you’re approaching some kind of otherworldly barbecue. “Wait,” you suddenly think to yourself, “barbecue” The memories of the VHS tapes you recovered in Wrestlympus suddenly hit you like a truck, and you realize a little too late that you are rapidly approaching a place of great power, and potentially even greater danger…

Looking around you notice a look of fear on the faces of your companions, but you find yourself unable to call out to them. By this point the otherworldly force has buried itself too deep into the minds of you and your allies, and try as you might you can’t stop yourselves from continuing to follow the hypnotic theme music and the smell of grilled meats as it leads you deeper through the woods.

After several more minutes of walking, you finally come to a stop within a clearing in the woods. Before you, on the other end of this grove, you see what appears to be a simple campsite made of wood and old blue tarps. Smoke is billowing heavily from behind the blue structure in front of you, and you swear through the all-encompassing music you can faintly make out mumbling and whispers. While the music and smells are now at their most intense, you feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. It seems you’ve regained some of your free will, but in the back of your head you get the sense you won’t be able to simply walk out of here.

What will you do?

> Investigate the campsite.

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