Encourage my party members to join me in a rousing wrestling wartime song as we make our way onwards to Hollow Hold.

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With your business in Wrestler’s Rest completed, you decide it’s about time to start heading for Hollow Hold to find Macho Man. You lead your group down the west road through the Eternal Arena, and eventually the fog begins to break and the rows of headstones finally give way to open plains. After several minutes of walking you finally come upon the familiar crossroads with Vince McMahon’s memorial on one corner and, not wishing to relive your last experience at the memorial, you turn to follow the road south.

With the necropolis behind you, the trek through the plains has gotten very boring, but you’re suddenly struck with inspiration. “Hey everyone, how about we liven up this journey with a song! No better way to inspire the troops during a time of war than with a marching song, right?” You look back to your party expecting an enthusiastic response, but are only met with an awkward silence and sheepish glances. The only response you hear is The Undertaker, whispering “First the Dragon’s Hollow thing and now this? I think the poor kid’s finally cracked.” under his breath to The Rock, but you’re nonplussed by the team’s lackluster reaction. “C’mon guys, it’ll be great! Here, I’ll start.” Before any of your allies can say anything to dissuade you, you’ve already begun belting out a personalized rendition of your favorite song from Gilbert and Sullivan

I am the very model of a Wrestlympus Wrestler
I climbed up to the very top and proved I’m not a disaster
I saved a school for wrestlers from a group of rowdy Hooligans
Then fought their leader off again, in spite of some shenanigans.
I’m very well acquainted with the strongest men in history
Plus some old luchador who insists he has to follow me
I’ve been everywhere from Wrestler’s Rest to Sumo Town and Loincloth
And I still think that Dragon’s Hollow’s name is off!

I’m very good at fighting both with firearms and melee too
I sniped with a revolver and I somehow even hit a few
I watched some feral weirdo try to resurrect the chancellor
Oh I am the very model of a Wrestlympus Wrestler!

I fought a giant ape and somehow made it out alive
He threw me in a giant cage but I still managed to survive.
I wore a diaper made of rope and toured around a treetop town
At this point there is nothing that could possibly make us feel down!
We’ve got an army of The Rocks plus everyone from Hollow Hold
We beat the Hulk near Savagegrad all thanks to El Disgusto’s mold
I even survived Macho Man’s gross Slim Jim flavored ice cream,
There’s truly nothing that could ever hope to beat our awesome team!

John Cena thinks that he has won, but he hasn’t seen the last of me
We’ll kick his ass out of HQ, then Wrestlemania will be free
We’ll take on all his clones as well, be it fifty five thousand or more
Because I’m the very model of a Wrestlympus Wrestler!

In spite of their initial lackluster response, it’s not long before your entire party has joined in, and soon the four of you are sprinting down the road, regaling the Wrestlemanian countryside with your singing. You continue to ad-lib new verses as you sprint, and at some point El Disgusto even digs out a banged up pennywhistle from his old sack to play along with. Sure enough, after what feels like no time at all you find yourself on the outskirts of the forest surrounding Hollow Hold.

You finally run out of ideas for new verses as you begin to approach the Hollow Wood, but oddly even without your singing you swear you can still faintly hear music. As you walk you also occasionally catch a whiff of smoke and a faint smell of food. How odd.

Will you continue on towards Hollow Hold, or stop to investigate the mysterious sounds and smells?

> Approach the source of the music with caution.

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