Tell The Rock about the mutant transformation tunnel drink caused for Hogan, then ask if everyone is ready to leave and track down Macho Man.

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Now that you’ve finally managed to vent some of your pent-up frustration, you remember a detail of your recent journey that you had almost forgotten to inform The Rock about. “Oh yeah, while we were hiking down the road out of Savagegrad we ran into Hulk Hogan again, except somehow he got turned into an enormous green monster!” “Wait, what?The Rock begins without a beat, clearly blindsided by your sudden revelation, “Hulk Hogan turned into a monster? Are you sure?

Positive! His skin was green, his muscles were swollen, and he was standing at like 10 feet tall! I didn’t even realize it was him at first until I heard his voice and got a good look at his face. He was apparently stalking our camp and smashed up a bunch of our stuff, the three of us were barely able to beat him! Luckily we managed to knock him out thanks to El Disgusto’s acid attacks, then we just tied him up and left him on the road north of here.The Rock looks more and more disturbed the more details you provide. After a brief pause he responds, clearly shaken. “Unbelievable, do you have any idea what could have caused such a transformation?

Suddenly The Undertaker shoves his hand into your pack, pulls out the partial bottle of tunnel drink, and holds it up to The Rock. “My thoughts are it was probably this stuff, Hogan was carrying a ton of it with him. Look familiar?The Rock takes the bottle and looks it over. “More tunnel drink? If that’s the case then I’m glad we didn’t turn into monsters too. Hopefully none of our other allies have been affected in such a way. We’d best be careful not to drink any more.The Rock then cautiously hands the bottle back to you, and you shove it back into your pack.

With everything seemingly squared away, you jump up from your seat to address your group. “Speaking of our allies, we should probably think about heading out soon so we can find everyone else. Any objections?” “Sounds good to me!El Disgusto shouts as he hops to his feet. “I’m ready when you are.The Undertaker adds as he stands up too. You look over to The Rock expectantly, and he returns your gaze with a smile and a nod. “How could I ever say no? We have a job to do, and friends to find.” With that, he stands up by your side as well.

The Rock has re-joined your party!

That said, would you mind if we make a brief detour first? I’d like to introduce you to the head of the Order of the Resting Wrestlers, if you don’t mind.” Interesting suggestion, you’ve never met the head of a cult before.

Will you follow The Rock to meet the head of the order, or insist on continuing to Hollow Hold?

> Go with The Rock to meet the head of the order.

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