Grab the orb of fire and use it on Hogan's acid burns.

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Thinking on your feet, you quickly run towards the trail and snag The Undertaker’s orb of fire from off the ground, then continue down the trail a short distance further. Hulk Hogan is hot on your tail, but your protein-infused body is able to narrowly keep ahead of the behemoth as you strafe back towards what remains of your camp. As you close in on the camp, you can see The Undertaker roll over onto his stomach and start dragging himself off the side of the trail. Passing him, you also see a scorched, but otherwise unharmed El Disgusto clambering out from under the burning tent.

Hey Grossly! I’m gonna need more acid!” you shout, jumping in El Disgusto’s direction and narrowly avoiding a sweeping punch from Hogan. “Sure thing, boss!” he responds, before immediately spraying another volley of acidic vomit in Hogan’s direction. Hogan grinds to a halt at the sight of the acid flying towards him, but it’s not enough to prevent him from getting sprayed right in the center of his chest. He reels back, growling in pain as the foul bile visibly boils away more of his green skin. “Perfect!” you shout, “Keep it up!

With the mutant reeling from the acid, you make some distance between yourself and him and squeeze the orb of fire in your hand. Much like The Undertaker before, your hand is quickly engulfed in a swirling blaze, though surprisingly you feel very little heat off of it. You then whip your clenched fist in the direction of Hogan’s acid-scarred body, blasting him with a fireball that sends him tumbling backwards! You continue to launch volley after volley of fireballs at the Hulkster, with each hit burning away more chunks of flesh from the boiling acid scars and forcing him back closer to the burning pile of fabric that was once The Undertaker’s tent. The entire forest is echoing with Hulk Hogan’s bellowing shouts of “BROTHERS…! NO…! BURNS…!” but you pay him no mind. You wind up to prepare a final flaming punch straight into his exposed torso, but before you can land the blow The Undertaker runs up from behind you and tackles the monster, forcing him backwards onto the blazing inferno behind him. The resulting impact from Hogan’s enormous form extinguishes the flames, sending embers and charcoal scattering everywhere.

Hulk Hogan has been defeated!

You and your party take a few moments to calm down, then begin to assess what all has just unfolded over the last several minutes. The camp lies in ruins, your sleeping bag trampled and the contents of your pack scattered along the forest’s edge. Before you, atop the smoldering remains of your campfire and The Undertaker’s tent, lies the wrecked, mutant body of Hulk Hogan. “Damn,” you hear The Undertaker mutter, “I liked that tent.

As you further examine the carnage, you also spot a number of bottles that you don’t recognize scattered around and under Hogan’s body. You step closer to examine them, but as you approach the behemoth’s body you realize that he’s still breathing.

What will you do?

> Keep a close eye on Hogan to make sure he doesn't get back up, and cautiously try to loot his bottles.

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