July 15, 2023 - by Ratheronfire (Last modified Wed Nov 29 16:06 -0500)

Original text from bad site reddit:

To our beloved cultists fans,

As both of you have probably noticed, over the last several weeks r/grafald has been closed, joining numerous other much more popular subreddits in protesting Reddit’s recent terrible API changes. As you may have also noticed, these protests seem to have largely failed as Reddit seems intent on driving itself into the ground and violently murdering what little goodwill they still had with their users in the process. While the Reddit admins have showed no interest in forcing us open and have not threatened a hostile takeover of our little community, we have none the less decided to reopen the subreddit.

However, while we are choosing to reopen, this does not mean we have suddenly decided to bend over and take whatever changes Reddit is making or plans to make in the future. As such, myself and my two fellow grafald moderators have decided to officially end our support for the grafald subreddit after 11 years of sporadic and inconsistent activity. We plan to remain as the subreddit’s sole moderators, but going forward posts will be restricted, no new comics will be released and no further attempts will be made on our parts to keep this page running or keep the images hosted.

For anyone mentally unstable enough to have read this far, thank you for the little bit of support you’ve given us in reading the ~100 moronic comics that we’ve produced over the last decade. As a small consolation, along with this final numbered comic we are also releasing a small handful of previously unreleased bonus comics that we’ve made over the last 10 years. Together these last few chicken scratch Garfield comics will serve as the final submissions to this subreddit.

Going forward, in the event Reddit and/or Imgur finally crashes and burns, you can find an archive of all of our comics at Ratheronfire’s official website here. Along with the grafald archive you can also find some projects the three of us have had a hand in that actually had meaningful time and effort put into them there too. Additionally, in the future when/if we decide to open a new community elsewhere we intend to create a pinned post on this subreddit that will direct you there.

Lastly, I would like to give a quick shout out to two important pillars of this community:

Firstly, thanks to /u/greencat201 for always thinking our comics are neat. If not for you we probably wouldn’t have made nearly as many comics as we did.

Second, thank you /u/siebdrucksalat for sending literally the only piece of fanart we’ve ever received to our modmail a couple months ago. It wasn’t very good but frankly neither are any of the comics we’ve made. You can see their comic here.

Thanks again, live long and prosper or whatever, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

- Dr. Professor Jimothy St. Arugula XVII, MD, PhD, DDS, Esq.

- /u/Kirbychu /u/kodark /u/Ratheronfire