Accompany Macho Man and meet with the alchemy teacher./projects/gregory-quest/June 28, 2024
Suggest we head out to find The Ultimate Warrior./projects/gregory-quest/June 27, 2024
Ask if Macho Man has ever heard of Dragon's Hollow./projects/gregory-quest/June 21, 2024
Crack open a fresh cream packet and listen to Macho Man recount his experiences./projects/gregory-quest/June 19, 2024
Tell Macho Man about my misadventures since Loincloth, the Hulk encounter, my newfound musical prowess, and meating with the BBQ Pit Druids./projects/gregory-quest/June 16, 2024
Ask around about Macho Man's whereabouts./projects/gregory-quest/June 15, 2024
Approach the gates and introduce my party./projects/gregory-quest/June 12, 2024
Wait a few minutes for a response, then start setting up a camp./projects/gregory-quest/June 9, 2024
Knock on the door./projects/gregory-quest/June 9, 2024
Tell the others about my meat-borne prophecy./projects/gregory-quest/June 4, 2024
Accept the gift, then say our goodbyes and continue on to Hollow Hold./projects/gregory-quest/June 4, 2024
Continue on to Hollow Hold./projects/gregory-quest/June 4, 2024
Join the druids in their ritual, and ask if they have ever seen Vince or Bubungo with their meat-based divination./projects/gregory-quest/June 3, 2024
Ask how they know my name, and about the music that attracted my party over here./projects/gregory-quest/June 3, 2024
Investigate the campsite./projects/gregory-quest/May 29, 2024
Approach the source of the music with caution./projects/gregory-quest/May 29, 2024
Encourage my party members to join me in a rousing wrestling wartime song as we make our way onwards to Hollow Hold./projects/gregory-quest/May 26, 2024
Go with The Rock to meet the head of the order./projects/gregory-quest/May 22, 2024
Tell The Rock about the mutant transformation tunnel drink caused for Hogan, then ask if everyone is ready to leave and track down Macho Man./projects/gregory-quest/May 21, 2024
Start ranting about Dragon's Hollow again to break the silence./projects/gregory-quest/May 20, 2024
Help The Rock hand out soup, then catch him up on our escapades after./projects/gregory-quest/May 20, 2024
Tell the monk that we are friends with The Rock and have urgent business with him./projects/gregory-quest/May 14, 2024
Make my way to the center of the crowd to see what the excitement is./projects/gregory-quest/May 12, 2024
Head to Wrestler's Rest and try to find the site The Rock was meditating in./projects/gregory-quest/May 11, 2024
Gather up what supplies we can find and resume our journey./projects/gregory-quest/April 26, 2024
Keep a close eye on Hogan to make sure he doesn't get back up, and cautiously try to loot his bottles./projects/gregory-quest/April 22, 2024
Grab the orb of fire and use it on Hogan's acid burns./projects/gregory-quest/April 19, 2024
Down a container of protein powder raw, then try to fashion the branch into a spear./projects/gregory-quest/April 19, 2024
Wake the others and get ready for a possible fight./projects/gregory-quest/April 18, 2024
Wait and see if the sounds keep happening./projects/gregory-quest/April 17, 2024
Ask if anyone in the party needs any last minute supplies before heading out./projects/gregory-quest/April 15, 2024
Set up camp for the night, but prepare to travel faster tomorrow to make up for lost time./projects/gregory-quest/April 15, 2024
Make plans to stop at Hollow Hold first and meet up with Macho Man, try to find The Ultimate Warrior's pills and free him if we can, then make for Wrestlympus./projects/gregory-quest/April 15, 2024
Suggest heading back to Wrestlympus first, Mankind seemed like he could use some backup./projects/gregory-quest/April 15, 2024
Explain the details of my lengthy side quest, and of the images me and The Undertaker saw in the scrying ritual./projects/gregory-quest/April 15, 2024
Ask around for any info on El Disgusto's whereabouts./projects/gregory-quest/April 14, 2024
Go to the town and immediately hunt down the warmest, least diaper-like clothing you can find./projects/gregory-quest/April 14, 2024
Explain my arrangement with Tokidoki, then prepare to catch up with El Disgusto in Savagegrad./projects/gregory-quest/April 14, 2024
Put aside your actual mission and ask to scry on your ex-girlfriend instead./projects/gregory-quest/April 13, 2024
Struggle to come to terms with the fact that a place called Dragon's Hollow could be so uninteresting, then explain my plan to spy on our mutual enemy and share the names of my friends for the scrying ritual./projects/gregory-quest/April 13, 2024
Suggest scrying on Bubungo, since The Undertaker seems to have had a history with him already; then ask him if he can tell me anything about Dragon's Hollow./projects/gregory-quest/April 13, 2024
Make a bee-line for The Undertaker's hut so I can get these errands done and move on with my life./projects/gregory-quest/April 12, 2024
Exit the dock and try to find my way back to the geomancer./projects/gregory-quest/April 2, 2024
Hand over the geode, then ask if there's some way to send me to El Disgusto after returning to The Undertaker with the reagents./projects/gregory-quest/April 2, 2024
Briefly consider abandoning your responsibilities to check out Dragon's Hollow, then reluctantly take the ferry back to Sumo Town./projects/gregory-quest/April 1, 2024
Suddenly realize that Tokidoki and The Undertaker never actually told you how to get back, and go check out the ferry the shaman mentioned./projects/gregory-quest/March 30, 2024
Ask about the incident she mentioned, and if there's anything else I should check out while I'm in town, then quickly make my way back to the mine./projects/gregory-quest/March 30, 2024
Ask about the reagents, and if she's heard anything about my friends' activity or whereabouts./projects/gregory-quest/March 29, 2024
Grab some light supplies and a healthy dosage of protein supplements, then head over to the apothecary./projects/gregory-quest/March 28, 2024
Reconsider my life choices as I make my way towards The People's Harvest./projects/gregory-quest/March 28, 2024
Try to pawn off the watch, then study the menu at the Stone-Cold Creamery in exhastive detail./projects/gregory-quest/March 27, 2024
Explore the town some more, making my way to the pawn shop./projects/gregory-quest/March 27, 2024
Ignore my better senses and order the Macho Man's Savage Slim Jim Crunch./projects/gregory-quest/March 27, 2024
Explore the town looking for any indication of where I can find reagents, and maybe a pawn shop to sell the Swolex watch for some spending money./projects/gregory-quest/March 26, 2024
Wander around town and check out the sights./projects/gregory-quest/March 24, 2024
Hit on the receptionist./projects/gregory-quest/March 24, 2024
Hit on the receptionist./projects/gregory-quest/March 24, 2024
Stinkoman 20X6: Godot Remake/projects/January 2, 2023
Game Maps/projects/June 5, 2022
Hit on the receptionist./projects/gregory-quest/October 11, 2021
Hades Run Suggester/projects/February 17, 2021
Go up and check out the fence./projects/gregory-quest/February 14, 2021
Agree to the terms and ask where I can find this mine owner, and why there is a mine owner in a treetop village./projects/gregory-quest/December 26, 2020
Politely inquire about what’s so special about the mineral./projects/gregory-quest/December 26, 2020
Tell Tokidoki that I was sent this direction by the Undertaker to search for scrying reagents in the town of Loincloth, but wound up here instead./projects/gregory-quest/December 26, 2020
Check with the locals to confirm where Tokidoki is, and head in his direction./projects/gregory-quest/December 25, 2020
Grab one of the newspapers while wandering the street in the general direction the bart ender sent me./projects/gregory-quest/December 17, 2020
Mega Man 2 Quality of Life Fixes/projects/October 19, 2020
Go downstairs and ask the bartender who the geomancer is and where I can find him./projects/gregory-quest/October 1, 2020
Check the wardrobe, nightstand and under the bed for anything useful before going to sleep./projects/gregory-quest/September 25, 2020
Follow some of the winding paths to the top of the hill so I can see what's around and get a good view of the town./projects/gregory-quest/September 24, 2020
Wander the streets for a few minutes before bed to familiarize myself with the town./projects/gregory-quest/September 24, 2020
Offer to share the coins with the barkeep./projects/gregory-quest/August 27, 2020
Start cleaning the bar and tables while chatting with the bar patrons to learn more about the town./projects/gregory-quest/July 21, 2020
Agree to help out at the bar in exchange for a room./projects/gregory-quest/July 15, 2020
Ask the barkeep and other people around the bar if they've seen any of your missing party members, and inquire about a place to stay for the night./projects/gregory-quest/July 15, 2020
Tell Mike that the Undertaker sent you this way to look for alchemical reagents in a town named Loincloth, but that he didn't mention anything about sumo wrestlers on the way./projects/gregory-quest/July 15, 2020
Go in and attempt to strike a conversation with the posing guys in the hopes that they can tell me what's going on./projects/gregory-quest/July 14, 2020
Sit by the window and watch the show with the floating sidekicks from outside./projects/gregory-quest/May 26, 2020
Peek into the bar and see what's causing the commotion./projects/gregory-quest/May 26, 2020
Just ignore the hole and climb up the ladder./projects/gregory-quest/May 26, 2020
Shout into the hole and ask who or what is down there./projects/gregory-quest/May 18, 2020
Throw a rock into the hole and see if anything happens, and peak my head in to see if I can see anything if nothing does./projects/gregory-quest/May 18, 2020
Scenes From a Bot/projects/April 30, 2020
Take the path through the brambly mangroves, hoping the Undertaker was right about the town being to the west./projects/gregory-quest/March 30, 2020
Tie the rope around my waist to cover myself and continue west./projects/gregory-quest/March 29, 2020
Raid the pack of supplies, then take the dinghy west through the mangroves./projects/gregory-quest/February 11, 2020
Ask if I can at least borrow his jacket or something, and see if he has any info on the town before I go./projects/gregory-quest/February 11, 2020
Ask him if he knows why I turned up here, or where any of my friends ended up./projects/gregory-quest/February 11, 2020
Ask if he has any spare clothes./projects/gregory-quest/February 1, 2020
Ask him who he is before responding./projects/gregory-quest/February 1, 2020
Ask if anyone knows what "tunnel drink" is, or why the person at the Starbucks apparently disappeared./projects/gregory-quest/January 30, 2020
Look up a walkthrough for Gregory Quest on GameFAQs./projects/gregory-quest/January 30, 2020
Suggest trying to climb up the facade to take whoever's inside by surprise./projects/gregory-quest/January 22, 2020
Tell everyone that I think we might be unprepared, and bring up what Mankind told me about The Undertaker and the explosions in the Wilds./projects/gregory-quest/January 18, 2020
Go into the apartment complex to look for a watch and see if anyone is inside./projects/gregory-quest/January 17, 2020
Go to the Starbucks and see if there is any meat, or anything else worth taking with us./projects/gregory-quest/January 13, 2020
Suggest that we split up and search the video store and any of the neighboring buildings for anything that might be useful, then meet up at the car in 20 minutes so we can get going./projects/gregory-quest/January 11, 2020
Minecraft Worlds/projects/January 1, 2020
Minecraft Worlds - Castle/projects/minecraft-worlds/January 1, 2020
Minecraft Worlds - Island/projects/minecraft-worlds/January 1, 2020
Put the tape back on and study the burger preparation intently./projects/gregory-quest/December 11, 2019
Tell everyone about the VHS tapes and suggest we go back to the video store to watch them for clues about what we should do./projects/gregory-quest/December 11, 2019
Use the orb of darkness in whatever battle awaits outside./projects/gregory-quest/December 11, 2019
Ask if Mankind knows more than he's letting on./projects/gregory-quest/December 9, 2019
Hold onto the tapes until I find my companions and continue exploring the city./projects/gregory-quest/December 9, 2019
Check the doors of some of the nearby buildings to see if any are open and anyone is inside./projects/gregory-quest/December 9, 2019
Search for supplies before leaving./projects/gregory-quest/December 9, 2019
Try to find some of my stuff or my other friends in the stadium./projects/gregory-quest/December 9, 2019
Grab a torch from one of the sconces, then ask Mankind if he wants to come along./projects/gregory-quest/December 9, 2019
Ask the guard who he is and whose side he's on./projects/gregory-quest/December 9, 2019
Mainly use the unusual bat-like weapon, with the oil bombs for backup./projects/gregory-quest/December 8, 2019
Age of Clicking - Unity Version/projects/January 28, 2019
Age of Clicking - Angular Version/projects/December 27, 2018
Take a crossbow with arrows, some oil bombs, and at least one of the most unusual and exotic looking weapons in the room./projects/gregory-quest/July 14, 2016
Sneak through the canals./projects/gregory-quest/June 1, 2016
Ask everyone if they have any advice for the climb./projects/gregory-quest/May 30, 2016
Explain to Vince who I am and ask him what the last thing he remembers is before waking up here, in hopes that it could help us in some way./projects/gregory-quest/May 30, 2016
Tell El Disgusto to go talk to Vince./projects/gregory-quest/March 8, 2016
Set up camp in the tomb and look around./projects/gregory-quest/February 25, 2016
Ask what Mount Wrestlympus is./projects/gregory-quest/February 25, 2016
Ask the others in your party if they know how the Ultimate Warrior isn't dead and why he seems to have lost what little sanity he had left. Then ask the Ultimate Warrior to prove his loyalty before I let him out./projects/gregory-quest/February 21, 2016
Attempt to climb to the top of the tower while the Hooligans are distracted and use it as a vantage point to snipe them. If that doesn't work, charge in with the sword and gun at the same time./projects/gregory-quest/February 21, 2016
Go in via the secret fraternity entrance./projects/gregory-quest/February 11, 2016
Walk in the direction of the fire./projects/gregory-quest/February 4, 2016
Question where all the stuff in the house actually went and where he got the chicken wings./projects/gregory-quest/February 4, 2016
Ask the Rock and Macho Man where this road leads, and where we're going./projects/gregory-quest/February 4, 2016
Ask Macho Man how all of these Rocks came into existence, and how all but the one you know have managed to stay in hiding./projects/gregory-quest/January 23, 2016
I still want that pill. Please help my family is dying/projects/gregory-quest/January 23, 2016
Quietly toss the jar of soup I saved earlier aside, then ask the Rock what his title means among the people in his society, and ask Macho Man if there's anything more he can tell me about the mission or where we're going./projects/gregory-quest/January 22, 2016
Ask Macho Man what it's like being dead, and ask the Rock if he can write his soup recipe down for you./projects/gregory-quest/January 22, 2016
Ask the Rock what the actual connection between him, Macho Man, and John Cena is, and if any other wrestlers are part of this puzzle./projects/gregory-quest/January 22, 2016
Finish eating the soup with the Rock, then ask him if the other members of his tribe are around and could be of any help./projects/gregory-quest/January 21, 2016
Tell the Rock that you could smell what he was cooking and that it smelled so good that I couldn't resist trying some and taking some for later./projects/gregory-quest/January 21, 2016
Might as well eat the soup, maybe see if there are any bottles around to keep some for later. Then run for my life./projects/gregory-quest/January 21, 2016
Run for the cabin as fast as possible./projects/gregory-quest/January 21, 2016
Figure that since it's vomit it must be bad, and go East instead./projects/gregory-quest/January 21, 2016
Drink every cream packet in hopes that it will somehow give you some sense of direction or divine inspiration./projects/gregory-quest/January 20, 2016
Decide to only drink the cream packet in my shirt pocket, then accept the mission and raise my hand for a fist-bump./projects/gregory-quest/January 20, 2016
Drink all the cream cups I can reach, then ask him where this forest is./projects/gregory-quest/January 20, 2016
Go straight in, making it a point to go through the deepest sections, even if it means having to wade or swim through./projects/gregory-quest/January 20, 2016
Gather dry branches and plant fiber and use the lighter I apparently had on me earlier to make a torch./projects/gregory-quest/January 20, 2016
Set the mail on fire as it is unimportant, then go into John's room and spontaneously inform him that he is being evicted and if he and his belongings are not gone within half an hour I'll call the police and set fire to anything left behind./projects/gregory-quest/January 20, 2016
Check the phone and call back whoever it was that called./projects/gregory-quest/January 20, 2016
Tell John to answer the phone instead./projects/gregory-quest/January 18, 2016
Quest Start/projects/gregory-quest/January 17, 2016
Gregory Quest/projects/January 17, 2016
Grafald/projects/April 17, 2012